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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Constructor: Alex Eaton-Salners Relative difficulty: EASY

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Posted by Rex Parker at 7:01 AM
Labels: Alex Eaton-Salners , Morgan Polifoff , Thursday


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Teacher – "Who can tell me what the former ruler of Russia was called?"Class (in unison) – "Tsar."Teacher – "Correct; and what was his wife called?"Class – "Tsarina."Teacher - "What were the tsar's children called?" There was a pause, and then a timid voice in the rear piped up: "Tsardines!"

Took me a while to see the theme, then all was easy.

Morgan, I loved " I would say I solve the puzzle about 40% slower than Rex and I judge it about 30% less cantankerously" and the rest of your writeup as well. Nicely done!!

What day is it? Oh right, December 21, the Winter Solstice. Now it all makes sense: goalpost, tuning fork, slingshot . . . The, uh, letter Y . . .

Back-to-back days where the grid art is the puzzle’s main feature. This one, though, at least has a smattering of nice fill to go along with it. LUNAR YEAR, PALAU, GALILEI, KNOLL. I have recently noted a shocking and seemingly inexorable decline in the quality of our definitions for PIE. I’m assuming this is a Will Shortz thing, as I can’t imagine multiple constructors all suddenly losing the ability to give a decent clue for something that should be a piece of cake to clue. I get that it must be hard to come up with new clues for common words, but this is trying too hard.MII was a complete WoE, but better than “early second millennial year”, I suppose.

WHATEVS? WHATEVS?! The best answer in the puzzle?! How old are you - - 15?No wonder I'm having so much more fun since I canceled my NYT subscription and replaced it with the Wall Street Journal...

Ivanka in.Franken out.Tax reform passed.Dow up 30%.Michael's TSD raging full on.Merry Christmas. Winning never gets old.

Well, I liked it overall. It did give me some bite, and I always like that. I loved the clue for STAG, and didn't think it needed a question mark. I also like the clue for EUREKA, and the INTO/ONTO cross. I almost dropped in "dowsing rod" early on, seeing that it fit. And my brain got a nice little workout, given that I didn't know ELLIE, SWANN, ETTA, or MII.I think something Rex would have jumped all over, and something that actually bothered easy-on-puzzles me, was that GOALPOSTS was plural, while the other three theme answers were singular. I hesitated to put GOALPOSTS in, actually, thinking it must be something else. I think the theme answers should have been consistent.First thing I saw, by the way, when I looked at the grid, was a goofy smiley face.

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Save the Dates for NRB’s 2019 Convention: March 26-29 in Anaheim, California

NRB Calls for ‘Constitution-Honoring’ Supreme Court Nominee to Fill Kennedy’s Seat

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